Need a professional writer with lots of ideas?

I can help. I see ideas everywhere.

Maybe you are launching a startup selling products and services targeted to small businesses. You’re struggling to juggle the day-to-day responsibilities of building your business with finding time to tell your story, improve your website, and create new blog posts.

Or maybe you’re a marketing professional working for a bank, insurance company, or other enterprise-sized business — yet you’re at your wits end trying to generate content without an in-house copywriting department.

You know your blog needs work. You want online content that provides valuable information to potential customers, generating qualified traffic and sales leads.

You need:

  • To be found online and attract readers that want what you offer
  • To establish your website as the online authority site in your field
  • A business blogger with a fresh perspective
  • A writer that is efficient, experienced, creative, reliable.
  • Someone who can explain business and finance terms in language that suits your business and readers.

As a professional writer and blogger, I enjoy writing about the daily challenges of marketing, finance, productivity, and other issues affecting business owners. My work has appeared on sites like CBC-Canada’s Dragon’s Den, FunderaBusiness News DailyCapital One Spark Business, and Forbes/Northwestern Mutual.

As a former financial advisor with over a decade of experience in banking and investment sales, I also write about mortgages, money management, investments, and retirement planning for Canadian and American audiences. You can see my work on sites such as Tangerine Bank, Lending Tree, Investopedia,  Yahoo! Homes, and Money Crashers.

Over the past six years, I’ve learned how to write for an online audience, and have been asked to contribute my expertise on content development to several well-known content marketing sites.

My posts on writing for online audiences have been featured on the blogs of award winning content marketing agencies such as Skyword’s The Content Standard  and Zerys for Agencies’ Content Marketing Blog, as well as on KISSMetrics.

For unedited examples of my work on marketing and technology, visit Marketing Analytics Today, where I write about whatever catches my interest in these areas.

If you are ready to work with a content development professional who understands the nuances of writing for digital audiences, contact me today.


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